VITAL NOTE: Before anyone asks, yes, I was inspired by Lionel Suggs to create Beyond The Unknown. By no means at all am I saying that the BTUverse is superior to his works, or anybody elses works throughout all and any kind of literary setting by any stretch if the imagination. Whether you love, hate, or don't care for suggs, you're heavily encouraged to contribute to the BTUverse, I'm not on anyones side, save for the side of creativity itself, therefore and thusly, whether or not you're from the OBD, MvC, Vice, or what have you, I want you to contribute here. Any and all content regardless of how extravagant and controversial it may be is more than welcome here, I do not own the BTUverse, you do, here, I am just another user looking to expand upon something for the mere sake of passing the time.

Beyond The Unknown is a series of literary works written and published by its corresponding wikia community, namely, The Beyond The Unknown Wiki, primarily, though, anyone that is an author throughout the entire world, has contributed to the BTUverse. There are millions of authors all across the world who contribute to the events that are recounted within Beyond The Unknown. Anyone can contribute to, modify, expand upon, and alter the BTU verse as they see fit. Beyond The Unknown is a work which is noted and acknowledged for the incredible power of the characters and content featured within, the implementation of extremely unconventional, paradoxical, and complicated existential concepts and writing methods, as well as the sheer immensity of the verse as a whole. Beyond The Unknown is not by any stretch of the imagination, a work of fiction. It is instead described as, "A recounting of events that have long since passed and continue to rage on within an alternate realm of real life". Please see the BTUverse page for further details and elaboration.