The Linear Scaling Theorem is the foremost and the weakest Pata Abstract that exists within all characters within the BTUverse. Despite being the most unimpressive and rudimentary of abstracts which those within the BTUverse obtain access to, it is still a ridiculously powerful existential entity by theoretical standards.


All power in existence is relative. In truth the human mind is always creating something bigger than the last thing, conceiving of it, understanding it. When you create a theory of any level, you immediately devalue its might. As you continue to build greater characters, bigger places, stronger theories, etc, you only give other individuals, authors a reference point to bounce off of, for once your content is understood, it immediately becomes laughably, hilariously weak. The stronger you make a character, the more room for said character is made to be crushed. This is the Anti Megalomania theorem in its most basic form. Examples are given as follows.

One Above All<<<<<<<<<<<One Above One Above All<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<One Above You<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Etc, Etc, Etc.

The cylce continues. It never ends. And adding onto this ever expanding chain simply places another step on the absolute path that constantly expands to create new and more powerful beings. However, The Anti Megalomania Theorem is one which stands at the absolute pinnacle of this scale. The weakest beings in the BTUverse from the moment they are born or conceived of already default snap to the next stage of absolutely, impossible, inconceivable and untouchable power, the top of the scale. They are never overtaken. They only create their own scales beyond the AM Theorem, growing limitlessly stronger, precipice where any level of power and omnipotence of any kind and beyond are laughed off. This is where all BTUverse characters begin.