The BTUverse is the embodiment of the infinite monkey theorem, a metaphoric concept which has existed before the birth of any of us. It is not a work of fiction, so much it is a text-based recounting of events that have gone on, and continue to go on in an alternate plain of real life. In this way, the BTUverse is by no conceivable way, a work of fiction. The easiest way to describe the BTUverse aside from being an expression of the infinite monkey theorem would be the fact that it is a place which exists so says the infinite possibility theorem. A real, tangible alternate realm of existence as factual and existential as the authors who recount its events. In this regard there is no way that any fictional concept regardless of how advance can ever hold any baring over it regardless of the circumstances in such a question. In order to alter the truths of the BTUverse, an author on planet earth would have to quite literally sift through reality and find it, and then begin the act of undertaking and fighting back the actual laws and characters within it. Given the fact we humans haven't even got space travel down pat as of yet, this isn't happening for a long time.




The BTUverse is a place that is fundamentally alternate from anything we humans use as systems to understand our universe, or the rules we set fourth as parameters and absolute laws in fiction. The BTUverse is not a place where systems such as science, physics, biology, astrology, evolution, etc exist, and as such, feeble concepts such as these hold no baring. Remedial expressions of power such as omnipotence or conceptual abilities are also laughed at on a regular basis by BTUverse characters, having no authority over the verse at all. The BTUverse isn't even one that is based on the universal law of power, but rather surreal gag humor and what is known as "Pata-Existential Abstracts", which is what forms the basis of the powers of the beings that dwell and call the BTUverse their homes, the lowest level of which has been named The Anti Megalomania Theorem.